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We are currently seeking chocolatiers interested in presenting their products at the Bellevue Home Show.  See below for more information.

We are currently looking for a yummy, moist, chocolate brownie.  If you have brownies to sample, please send email to Chocolate 2 Die 4

We select only the highest quality chocolate.  These chocolates are
the center of all of our chocolate gifts.  If you would like to submit samples for consideration, please send email to  Include a brief description of the product.  We will contact you to arrange for delivery and presentation for a fair tasting. 

If your chocolate item is selected as one of our products, we will contact you for order information.

All items selected for sale on our web site are personally chosen by  Chocolate 2 Die 4's founder, Suzy Cassidy.    Known as "The Chocolate Lady", she is a devoted chocolate connoisseur and true chocoholic.    Suzy has a great amount of knowledge in the making of fine chocolate and experience in tasting quality chocolate. She has toured chocolate factories and visited bakeries to find only the best chocolate products that are truly to die for.  She personally tastes all samples.   Suzy does not care for coconut or licorice flavored chocolates, so cannot be a fair judge of the quality of their taste. Coconut and licorice products are not currently offered from Chocolate 2 Die 4. 


Letter regarding Bellevue Home Show

updated December 28, 2010

Dear Chocolatier,

This letter comes to you from Suzy Cassidy, the owner of Chocolate 2 Die 4, LLC. I am friends with Dave Bendt, the coordinator for the Bellevue Home Show. During lunch a short time ago, we did some brain storming. He’s wondering how to entice people to attend the show. Well, how do you entice anyone to attend anywhere? Chocolate, of course!

So here’s this letter…

We, Dave and I, would like to offer just a few booths to some quality chocolatiers interested in promoting their business. We are running out of time, show dates are Jan 21-23. ..Just 3 weeks before Valentine’s Day. There are just a few booths still available. To fill the remaining booths we are making this exclusive offer to a few select chocolatiers. An 8’ by 10’ booth is now being offered to select chocolatiers for just $200. As you will see in reviewing the enclosed order form, the cost of the booths for the "home" vendors is much higher. We’re hoping that this will be a win-win for both Dave and you. Chocolate will entice more potential clients to attend. Also those who already planned to attend, will be introduced to a special and delicious treat of the finest chocolate from you.

As I mentioned, there are only a few booths available. This is a great opportunity for Valentine’s Day sales. We would also like to extend an offer to those chocolatiers that wish to present a chocolate demonstration at the show’s cooking stage. The cost for this opportunity is an additional $50. Openings for demonstrations are limited. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.

Please contact me, Suzy, immediately with any questions or to reserve a booth.

Phone (425) 831-2171


Check out the show at

Happy New Year!

Suzy Cassidy

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